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Our vision is a world where freshwater is safe, plentiful and secure.  To accomplish this, we design, develop and install breakthrough technologies and units that will change the way the world thinks about - and uses - our most essential natural resource.  At LIVING MACHINE® we believe that today's centralized water treatment with industrial processes and caustic chemicals is too costly, unsustainable, and not as safe and effective than most people think. 

In order to change this trajectory, we are leading the world in researching, developing and marketing water-centric technologies that are:

  • Decentralized - onsite systems save money and are more secure.

  • Natural - systems that marry biological processes with modern technology.

  • Aesthetic - systems that become part of their natural or designed environment.

  • Sustainable -systems that create clean water with no harmful residue.

  • Secure - systems that meet the highest standards of the Dep't of Defense and Dep't of State.

  • Scalable - systems that can grow and expand to fit local, state or regional needs.

Our corporate mission is to re-think, and re-build the way the world uses water.  We think it's high time that our ways of handling our most precious natural resource catch up with to the current needs of the world. 

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