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Living Machine Systems, L3C is the leading provider of innovative and sustainable ecological wastewater treatment units and reuse technology, With over 20 years of project experience, The Living Machine System team of ecologists, engineers, and microbiologists have been involved in the design, commissioning, and operations support for over 50 innovative ecological treatment projects. LMS has been awarded 10 US patents, and has developed a number of proprietary treatment system components. Clients include the US Marine Corps, the Port of Portland, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the State of Vermont, M&M Mars, Furman University, the National Audubon Society and a variety of other forward-thinking institutions, companies and public agencies.

Living Machine® Technology blends cutting-edge science and engineering with plants and beneficial microorganisms to efficiently treat and reuse wastewater, providing lasting water solutions for communities everywhere.

Due to the innovative nature of its technology, LMS (and its predecessor, Living Technologies Inc. 1995-2000) has attracted over $10 million in grant funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency, US Department of Agriculture, and the US Department of Defense. Its technology and projects have received a number of awards, including an EPA Merit Award, an ACEC/VT Engineering Excellence Award, four AIA Green Building Top Ten Awards. Four Living Machines projects are LEED Certified, including three LEED Platinum Certifications.

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