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Research Publications


Localized Sustainable Water Management in Practice

Ecological Engineering as a means for an eco-cyclic water system at the Berga Greenhouse - Research Project

- Anderson

Reciprocating Sub-Surface Treatment System Keeps AIrport out of the Deep Freeze

ABX Deicer - EPA Manuscript

- Arendt et al.

Influence of cation exchange capacity (CEC) in a tidal flow, flood drain wastewater treatment wetland

Ecological Engineering no. 28 (2006)

- Austin

Energy requirements for nitrification and biological nitrogen removal in engineered wetlands

Ecological Engineering no. 35 (2009)

- Austin & Nivala

Nitrification and Denitrification in a Tidal Vertical Flow Wetland Plot

Water Environment Technical Conference (2003)

- Austin, Lohan & Verson

Integrated ReCip® Water Treatment System with U.V. Disinfection for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment: Part 1: Microbial Dynamics

- Behrends et al.

Reciprocating Constructed Wetlands (ReCip) for Treating Anaerobic Lagoon Wastewater


- Behrends & Bock

Integrated Waste Treatment System for Treating High-Strength Aquaculture Wastewater II


- Behrends et al.

Integrated constructed wetland systems: design, operation and performance of low-cost decentralized wastewater treatment systems

Water Science & Technology Vol. 55 No. 7 (2007)

- Behrends et al.

Use of aquatic plants for removal of nitrate-nitrogen in subsurface flow constructed wetlands

- Behrends

ReCiprocating wetlands for wastewater treatment: a commercial scale demonstration, Oahu, Hawaii

Dole Food Company, HI - US Army, USDA Manuscript

- Pier & Behrends

Reciprocating Constructed Wetlands for Treating High Strength Anaerobic Lagoon Wastewater

Stirling Farms - EPA Manuscript

- Behrends et al.