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Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego (MCRD) Announces Ribbon Cutting and Dedication Ceremony for Liv


San Diego, Calif. and Charlottesville, Va. – October 5, 2012Living Machine Systems, L3C, a provider of industry-leading wastewater reuse technology, today announced that the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego (MCRD) will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony to recognize the successful completion and operation of the Living Machine® system on the base.

The Living Machine® system is an ecological wastewater treatment and recycling system. The treatment process happens below the surface of a lush landscape feature located by MCRD’s parade ground and monument honoring marine drill instructors.

Brigadier General Daniel D. Yoo, Commanding General at MCRD San Diego, will officiate the dedication ceremony,discussing the energy and water savings afforded by new technology like the Living Machine® system, and recognizing the contributions of marine drill instructors.

Will Kirksey, PE, Global Development Officer, Living Machine Systems, will describe how the Living Machine® system works at MCRD, and how the technology contributes to the mission of the U.S. military.

At MCRD, the Living Machine® system extracts wastewater from an existing sewer line at the base and treats it to meet rigorous water reuse standards for the state of California. After permitting, the Living Machine® system will reuse the 10,000 gallons of sewer-mined wastewater for sub-surface irrigation, minimizing the base's water usage in drought-prone San Diego, and giving the Depot a significant new level of control over its water resources. 

The Living Machine® system allows MCRD San Diego to:

  • Save Water: Diverts 3.7 million gallons of water per year from the San Diego sewer system for use as sub-surface irrigation.
  • Save Energy:  The Living Machine® is energy efficient, using less than 13,000 kWh annually, which equates to less than 0.1% of base energy usage. It also avoids the energy cost of moving water off-site for treatment at a municipal plant.
  •  Improve Mission Readiness: Provides secure, reliable, on-site
    access to quality water, reducing dependence on external sources.

“The Living Machine system offers us the opportunity to go beyond conventional water treatment and achieve a significant new level of control over our own resources, which improves our mission readiness,” said Richard Hatcher, energy manager at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.

“The military is known for recognizing and advancing technological innovations that can also benefit civilian society,” said Kirksey. “The MCRD understands that water and energy savings go hand-in-hand and that on-site ecological wastewater reuse is the way to achieve both objectives at once.”

Living Machine® technology adapts one of nature’s most productive ecosystems—the tidal wetland—and accelerates and reinforces natural plant and microbial activity with advanced environmental engineering and information technology. The Living Machine® system is the most energy efficient water reuse technology to meet the highest quality treatment standards.

About the MCRD San Diego

The Depot provides basic training for more than 17,000 recruits per year and is recognized as one of the leading Department of Defense facilities for the implementation of clean technology.

About Living Machine Systems
Living Machine Systems, L3C is a certified B Corp—a social and environmental benefit corporation—using the power of business to ensure the world’s supply of fresh water is safe, plentiful and accessible to all. With its affiliate, Worrell Water Technologies, LLC, Living Machine Systems has been developing advanced ecological wastewater treatment systems for 15 years, integrating tidal wetland ecosystems, engineering and information technologies to deliver efficient, beautiful and cost effective water reuse technology, providing communities, organizations and businesses with water security, independence and lasting economic health.