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Tom Worrell, Owner & Founder

When newspaper magnate Tom Worrell went to Africa in 1978, he returned to the United States determined to change the way we think about and treat water. Inspired by a new understanding of biodiversity and the interconnectedness of all things, “Water for all living beings” became his mantra. He has stayed focused on this objective ever since. A true renaissance man, Tom has relentlessly pursued this goal through many avenues, from eco-resorts and sustainable hotels to boat design, land management, philanthropy and cutting edge ecological technologies.

A firm believer in the power of a positive entrepreneurial force and its effects on life and environment, Tom created Worrell Water Technologies in 1999. The company’s cutting edge technologies, The Living Machine® System, HydroSecure™ and Curoxin®, are the culmination of years of R&D in the areas of water reuse, purification and sustainability. All three are intelligent solutions dedicated to eradicating global water and health issues.

Tom’s current endeavors continue to focus on historic and artistic preservation, cultural equality, and the ever-important theme of water. By building the unique El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa in Taos, NM, Tom proved that luxury doesn’t have to be bad for the environment. His boutique hotel, The Sundy House, is one of the country’s premier wedding destinations - a living brochure for his work in sustainability and historic conservation - set in its own lush tropical botanical garden within the urban village of Delray Beach, Florida.  The hotel showcases a freshwater swimming pool (shared by guests and fish alike) and serves the world’s purest water from the HydroSecure™ system.

An unerring dedication to environmental and humanitarian causes has led Tom to donate substantial sums and create several nonprofits, including the Milagro Center, which brings arts and cultural programs to minority children in South Florida; the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression in Charlottesville, Virginia; the Agama Sanctuary in Taos, New Mexico, a safe-haven for indigenous and meditative spiritual beliefs and traditions under the protection of the First Amendment; the Yaxche School, a non-profit, culturally and economically diverse teaching and learning center for students in kindergarten through the eighth grade; and The Five Rings charitable corporation, which was established to re-publish Felix Cohen’s American Indian Law in uncensored form, publish Daybreak, a newspaper by and for Native Americans, and publish Exiled in the Land of the Free, a collaborative historical work which speaks to the enormous influence the Native Americans have had on the laws and ideals of The United States and its citizens.

Through it all, Tom’s philosophy has remained the same: to live, and inspire others to live, consciously and responsibly.