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While the concept of using wetland ecologies to clean water originated in the 1950s, this type of wastewater treatment has seen major advances. Before 1999, when Living Machine® Systems, L3C began its intensive R&D phase, systems needed greenhouses and were planted on top of “activated sludge” containers, requiring frequent disposal.  While many of these older models are still in use today, the new generation of Living Machine® technology is light-years ahead of other ecological systems.

With major scientific and technological advances, the system has become more practical, reliable, and cost efficient, with a smaller footprint. Today’s Living Machine® technology no longer relies on activated sludge to do the core of the work.  Our advanced biomimicry uses beneficial microorganisms, wetland plantings and sophisticated control systems to reliably and efficiently produce water treated to the highest reuse standards. Today’s Living Machine® is at home in urban settings - integrated into busy sidewalks and lobbies - in zoos, airports, resorts and numerous other locations. Our system provides a lush, serene addition to any setting, while quietly and efficiently taking wastewater and making it into perfectly reusable, crystal clear water.