Water Reuse

Only 1% of all water on Earth is usable freshwater.  Today, we take clean, treated water, utilize it once and then flush it away.  According to the U.S. Department of the Interior, "Chronic water supply problems in the West are one of the greatest challenges facing the nation in the coming decades." While some of the United States' major water sources, such as Lake Mead, are projected to dry up in the near future, proposed solutions continue to be large-scale, centralized projects, involving piping water in and lugging sewage out.

Water treatment and reuse presents itself as a clear solution to the overconsumption of freshwater today.  While the concept of recycling water has existed for several decades, Living Machine® Systems has perfected and streamlined these technologies, making them practical, energy efficient and small enough to integrate into any community with an eye to the future.

In natural processes, water is used and reused in diverse ways, continuously cycling through nature’s cleansing process.  Water reuse is about doing just that. And what better way than by improving on nature’s ecosystems? The Living Machine® system seamlessly blends the latest in science, technology and engineering with nature’s proven processes to reuse our most valuable resource.